P.O. Box 194, Woden, TX 75978| Phone: (936)564-4881 | Fax: (936)564-4863 | wodenvfd@sbcglobal.net

STATION 1 - 200 CR 412

STATION 2 - 6257 FM 2259

Welcome to the Woden Fire Department web site.  Feel free to browse around our site.  Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

The Woden Volunteer Fire Department depends entirely on donations and fundraisers to serve our fire district.  If you would like to make a donation to the department you can call the department, give the donation to a member of the department, send it to us by mail, or click on the Paypal link below.  Thank you for enabling us to continue serving you.



Welcome to the Woden Fire Department web site.  Feel free to browse around our site.  Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. 


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CPR Classes

The Woden Fire Department is now offering CPR classes.  The department is offering Heartaver CPR/AED, Heartsaver CPR/AED First Aid, and Healthcare Provider CPR/AED.  The cost for each class varies depending on the class.  To schedule a class or for more information call 564-4881 or send us an email to wodenvfd@sbcglobal.net .



Chief Rickey Jones receiving grant from Burl Gruetzner and Jeff Jacks with the Enbridge Energy Company of Houston, TX.


Gae Mitchell, Jimmy Ragsdale, Chief Rickey Jones, Ricky Rodriguez, Scott Shipley, Jennifer King and Melissa Jones


Members of the community have formed a support group to help the fire department in raising funds, maintenance, along with many other areas.  This is a very important group that will help shape the future of the fire department.  If you are interested in joining this group, call the fire station at 564-4881 or submit a comment form with your contact information.  The department appreciates everyone's help.



The Woden Fire Department is an active member of the SFFMA training program and is actively working to have all of our firefighters certified to at least the basic level.  The department trains every Monday night except the Monday of the Monthly business meeting. The department also trains at least one Saturday each month. 



Brush truck 773 was officially placed in service on 7/11/2008.  This truck will carry 800 gallons of water and has foam capabilities.  With a 26 HP pump with pumper capabilitites, this truck will be a great addition to the department.  The department is very excited about this new edition. 


The Jr Firefighter program at the Woden Fire Department is entering its 2'nd year.  The minimum age requirement is 12 years old, with the maximum age being 17 years old.  The advisor for the program is Melissa Jones and the assistant advisor is Jennifer King.  All youth between the ages of 12 and 17 are invited to attend.  The Jr. Firefighters are currently building their own page on our website.  If you are interested in joining, please click on the link below and fill out an application or come to the next meeting of the Jr. Firefighters.

Click here to fill out a Jr. Firefighter Application




Firefighter of the Year: Ricky Rodriguez

First Responder of the Year: Melissa Jones

Jr. Firefighter of the Year: Crystal Jones



Firefighter of the Year: Scott Shipley    

First Responder of the Year: Melissa Jones

Jr. Firefighter of the Year: Josh Beall



2010 - Chief Rickey Jones presenting Hoyt Langston
with a plague for "35 Years of Service" to the Woden VFD


2010 - G L "PeeWee" McDaniel being presented with a plaque
for "Years of Service" to the Woden VFD from Chief Rickey Jones


Firefighter of the Year: Melissa Jones

First Responer of the Year: Jennifer King

Jr. Firefighter of the Year: Treavor Jones 


Firefighter of the Year: Scott Shipley

First Responder of the Year: Melissa Jones

Jr. Firefighter of the Year: Trevor Jones

Rehab Member of the Year: Tiffany Fontenot

Support Group Member of the Year: Gae Mithcell 



Firefighter of the Year: Scott Shipley

First Responder of the Year: Melissa Jones

Jr. Firefighter of the Year: Trevor Jones

Support Group Member of the Year: Samantha Womack

CPR Save: Jennifer King, Robert King and Justin Fontenot



















I would like to take this opportunity to list a few of the many things that the members of the Woden Fire Department do on a regular basis.  Everyone know that they respond on calls but they do a whole lot more to help make the department one of the best.  1) Meetings - Every Monday night, 1 Saturday per month (Jr. Firefighters every other Saturday).  2) Station, truck, and equipment maintenance.  3) Monthly fire drills at Woden School.  4) Standby at atheletic events.  5) Fundraising - involves weeks of planning  6) Continuing education hours.  7) Records and reports.  This is just a small sample of what the members of the Woden Fire Department do on top of responding to fires, wrecks, sick calls, gas leaks, animals in distress, smoke in area, down power lines, search and rescue and anything else that may require our assistance.  Then you add that they do all of this for no pay (in fact they use there own money) in order to help the citizens of the Woden Fire District and you realize just how great these men and women are.  They are truly remarkable people and I am proud, honored, and privileged to be their Fire Chief!


Certifications and Memberships:
State Firefighters and Fire Marshall's Association
Certified First Responder Organization
Nacogdoches County Firefighters Association




August 4


August 11


August 18


August 25


September 1


• Must be at least 18 years of age (Jr. Firefighters must be 12 years of age)
• No prior training or firefighting experience is necessary (training and gear will be provided by the department)
• Must fill out a complete application and be able to past a criminal background check/Drug test (if necessary)
• Must attend 3 consecutive department meetings (membership will be voted on by the officers at this time)

Fire Deaths and Injuries: Prevention Tips

  • Never leave food unattended on a stove.
  • Keep cooking areas free of flammable objects (such as, potholders and towels).
  • Avoid wearing clothes with long, loose-fitting sleeves when cooking.
  • Never smoke in bed or leave burning cigarettes unattended.
  • Do not empty smoldering ashes in a trash can, and keep ashtrays away from upholstered furniture and curtains.
  • Never place portable space heaters near flammable materials (such as, drapery).
  • Keep all matches and lighters out of reach of children. Store them up high, preferably in a locked cabinet.
  • Install smoke alarms on every floor of the home, including the basement, and particularly near rooms in which people sleep.
  • Use long-life smoke alarms with lithium-powered batteries and hush buttons, which allow persons to stop false alarms quickly. If long-life alarms are not available, use regular alarms, and replace the batteries annually.
  • Test all smoke alarms every month to ensure they work properly.
  • Devise a family fire escape plan and practice it every 6 months. In the plan, describe at least two different ways each family member can escape every room, and designate a safe place in front of the home for family members to meet after escaping a fire.
  • If possible, install or retrofit fire sprinklers into home.

Sources: Adapted from recommendations of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Fire Administration, the National Fire Protection Agency, and CDC.